Casino Hold Em High Poker

casino-hold-emOne of the latest casino poker games to be launched by Microgaming, is their Multi-Hand, Hold ‘Em High Poker game, this one lets you play from one to five hands per game, and comes with an optional side bet wager, this could see you being awarded with a range of special payouts for getting dealt certain hand combinations. This is a Gold Series game and as such it boasts enhanced graphics and a crystal clear type of game play structure that is much more advanced than Microgamings original set of casino card games.

How To Play Hold ‘Em High Poker

When you are playing the Hold ‘Em High Poker game your first decision will be just how many hands you wish to play, there are five on offer, and any or all of the betting positions can be put into play. Simply place a wager onto the Ante Bet box of the position or positions you want to play and click on the Deal button. The minimum permitted stake on each hand played is just 1.00 and the maximum stake is 50.00 per hand played. Casino Hold em poker can be played live as well as offline. If you would like to play you can play live casino hold’em online with Paddy Power.

The aim of the game of Hold ‘Em High Poker is to simply end the game with one of the ranked hands listed in the payout section below, your two initial cards are always used in your final hand along with any combination of three cards from the five Community Cards.

How to play video tutorial:

Once you have placed your Ante wager and clicked on the Deal button your are then dealt two upward facing cards, and five face down Community Cards are dealt out at the top of the screen, you now have three possible betting decisions based on just how good, or bad, your two cards are.

You can opt to Fold your hand, and this will end the game and you will lose your Ante wager, or if you want to play on, then simply give either the Call or Raise buttons a click, and by selecting the Call button the game will automatically place a wager onto the table of the same value as your Ante Bet amount. However clicking on the Raise button will see a wager being placed onto the table automatically which will cost you two times the amount of your Ante wagered amount.

Hold ‘Em High Poker Base Game Payouts

Below are the payouts you will receive should you have formed any of the hand combinations listed, as mentioned your two initial cards will be used along with any combination of three Community Cards to arrive at this final hand.

Royal Flush – This gives you a payout of 500 to 1 on both your Ante and Raise bet amounts.

Straight Flush – You get a payout worth 100 to 1 based on your Ante and Raise bet amounts.

Four of a Kind – A payout worth 25 to 1 is paid for your Ante and Raise bet amounts.

Full House – This hand will see your Ante and Raise bet amounts being paid at odds of 10 to 1.

Flush – A Flush earns you a payout worth 7 to 1 of your Ante and Raise bet amounts.

Straight – This hand gets an Ante and Raise bet amount payout of 5 to 1.

Three of a Kind – Any 3 of a kind hand gets an Ante and Raise bet amount payout worth 2 to 1.

2 Pairs (Jacks or Better) – This hand gets an Ante and Raise bet amount payout of even money.

Hold ‘Em High Poker Side Bet

An optional Side Bet can be placed onto the High Speed Poker table alongside your Ante wager and this requires a minimum stake of just 1.00 or a maximum bet of 50.00. Once placed you will receive the following bonus payouts based solely on your first two initial cards dealt.

King and Ace of Spades – A King and Ace both in the suit of Spades gets you a payout worth 50 to 1 of your Side Bet amount.

King and Ace Same Suit – – Any King and Ace of the same suit earns a Side Bet payout worth 25 to 1.

Any 2 Cards Same Suit – This hand gets a Side Bet payout of 5 to 2.