Everest Poker

Everest PokerEverest poker has already been the ideal site for novice players. The golden combination of free money and many tables with extremely low limits many bad players ensures optimum accomplishment of the ‘easy money’.

If you after a while the game under the knee starts to get and you have some books read, you can use your winnings once a transition to a different poker site, but watch out: it will not be the first time that someone half years in his first free 10 cent has extended $ 1,000 on Everest Poker and then in good spirits, all within a week lost on a site like Party Poker.

Because you can win here, that does not mean you’re a good player! If you’re going to play on another site, you should just start again at the bottom, so you do first you get used to the difference in level, the higher up before you search. But let that not stop you at first as well on Everest Poker to take home. They are waiting for you!