How to Play Aces in Texas Holdem

Texas Holdem PokerTexas Holdem is a very interesting game and so are the interesting combinations of hands. The names of the hands in this game may confuse some beginners. That is for the reason that some of the names of hands contain the real names of the cards in them, just like the hand ‘Aces Full’.

The name itself create the confusion as the name of the hand is Ace Full-you would surely expect that there are aces in the hand but how many are they, and how many are remaining is the confusion for a new player.

Well we are here to help you, when a player says that, he have Ace Full the meaning is just so simple that he is having a full house which contains  three aces and a pair of any of the other cards.

For an example-A-A-A-5-5, this makes a full house containing three aces and a pair of five. This is a strong hand of the game and wins over the other full houses. Ace Full can beat any of the other hand holding a pair, or three similar cards, or a straight or even a flush. A hand containing four similar cards, a straight flush and royal flush can beat the Ace Full hand. If the two players hold three cards of a kind then the player holding the highest three is considered as a winner, for example if you are having the cards A-A-A-4-4 and your opponent is having K-K-K-10-10 then you are the winner as you are having three aces and aces are bigger than the kings. The Ace is actually the most powerful card on the table. The reason being that is along with being the highest card it has the maximum number of combinations possible. Let’s us explain-

Foremost, think about the other combinations made from different cards. You can make many five-card combinations using the face cards and the cards from two to ten, for example-the flush, the straight flush, the royal flush, the straight, the full house, the triplets, and the pairs. Adding an Ace in a straight can make it a strong hand. On the other hand, Ace can also be used as the lowest card in a straight with a five.

Briefly, we can say that you may create two possible straights with an ace. Jack cannot be used as the lowest card, queen cannot be used as lowest card, as well as the king cannot be used a lowest card, but the ace has the super power to be used as both highest and lowest card. You are in full power when you have Ace in your hands. You can make a straight any time regardless of the fact that there are lower cards like threes and fours on the table or the higher ones like the kings and queens. You will be the winner any ways. If you have the Ace in your hand you do not have to worry at all, the only thing to be feared of is if the opponent has more aces than you do.