The 4 Video Poker Myths

Video PokerVideo poker and slots only friction in general have always been surrounded by myths. All of them are not true, but are still being heard worldwide.

The first myth would be that the machines should be. This myth in my opinion is one of the biggest myths of Video Poker is out there. Due to the RNG random number generator computer chip located on the machine. Computer chip that generates 1000 different combinations every second, and because that part does not affect the next. So the myth that just because the machine has not won since a long time to win is to be completely based on myth.

The second myth is that we will cover the bets to the maximum is the best. Another common myth is heard almost all the time you have to always bet the maximum. For most machines Video Poker This is one to five credits. Mostly though, this myth is true. But it is a myth, if you’re in the wrong state of mind.

If you are thinking that if you bet the maximum you will be given a higher pay which is false. But if you’re thinking of it as trying to get the jackpot, they are correct. Because every time the stake of the Video Poker machine the machine takes a bit out of the Jackpot Bet which has a chance to win. So with this myth is half and half, is basically how you think about the myth in his head that makes it true or false.