The Growth of Online Bingo

Online BingoBingo is the most popular group leisure activity in the UK; however, in recent years it has undergone a huge transformation.

Traditional bingo halls, which reached the height of their popularity in the 80s, are in decline, while the number of websites hosting online bingo has grown massively. This article explores why this is the case; what exactly makes online bingo so popular?

There are a number of reasons for the decline in the popularity of bingo halls.

The most significant of these is the smoking ban; however, increases in VAT and the recession have both also played their part. Bingo is seen as a luxury, and many people can no longer afford expensive trips to bingo halls.

Of course, an equally important reason for the decline of traditional bingo is the growth of the online form of the game; bingo halls simply cannot keep up with the services offered by bingo websites.

In terms of the way the game works (the nuts and bolts of it all) whereas in a bingo hall numbers are called by a specialist bingo caller, in online bingo, this task is performed by a random number generator; aside from this, the actual game is almost identical.

So, if the game is pretty much the same, what draws people away from bingo halls? There are several answers to this question; chief among them is the ‘usability’ of online bingo.

Bingo sites are extremely user-friendly and as such are able to appeal to groups of people who have not played the game before. Quick and simple instructions and tutorials regarding how to play mean that a whole new age group, women aged between 20 and 30, have been attracted to the game.

Not only is online bingo easier and cheaper than a trip to the bingo hall, it holds onto the social aspect of bingo. Bingo has always been a very sociable game and chat functions on bingo websites mean it is still possible to communicate with other players.

The moderated chat rooms, which are hosted by bingo sites, are welcoming places where people can not only make new friends and acquaintances but also chat with people who live miles away.

Online bingo also makes it possible for players to win big. By having a large number of people involved in a game, many more than would fit inside a bingo hall, the prizes can be huge. That said, if you’re more interested in the excitement of playing the game it is also possible to play for very small amounts of money, or even for free (using free deposit offers).

Another aspect of bingo sites are the links to other games and other forms of bingo; whereas in the UK we traditionally play 90-ball bingo, many sites also offer the 75-ball version of the game which is popular in the US.

It is for these reasons that online bingo has become so popular in recent years; and with more functions being added to bingo sites every day this popularity is only set to increase.