Video Poker Myths

Video PokerMyth number three is that you can control the cards. There is a ridiculous myth going around that if you push the bid / drawing hand at the right time always going to win.

People will take timers to the casino and while the exact moment you press this button. This myth is completely and totally false. The machine has no recollection or knowledge of the time or pulsating lights in the casino.

Another myth that the machines would pay less on weekends and holidays.

Again, this basically goes hand in hand with the myth of time. The RNG has no idea of when the weekends, and / or holidays so this myth is thus a myth. The outputs of payment would be exactly the same as they are on any other day just depends primarily on luck for the day, and symbols that the RNG chooses for their currencies once in place and pull the lever.

Now that you’ve learned the four myths that have occurred Video Poker players. Most are false inexplicably, but some have a bit of truth to it. There are many other myths out there, and even local myths. Take a look around and find so many different myths out there.